Solar Warranty

Our solar installations include 25-year product, production, and workmanship warranties

Solar Warranty

25 Year Product Warranty

25 Year Production Warranty

At least 98% of nominal power during first year. Thereafter max. 0.5% degradation per year. At least 93.5% of nominal power up to 10 years. At least 86% of nominal power up to 25 years.

All data within measurement tolerances. Full warranties in accordance with the warranty terms of the Qcells sales organisation of your respective country.


Solar Warranty - 86% Performance Warranty at 25 years

*Standard terms of guarantee for the 5 PV companies with the highest production capacity in 2021 (February 2021)


Solar Warranty - Relative Efficiency at Low Irradiance

Typical module performance under low irradiance conditions in comparison to STC conditions (25°C, 1000W/m2 ).

25 Year Workmanship Warranty

MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP: Titan Solar Power warrants that all of the Work and the System will be free from material, construction, and workmanship defects for twenty-five (25) years following the Completed Installation (the “Limited Warranty”).

Any claim under the Limited Warranty must be made before its expiration date. Customer will be provided with the standard warranties from major equipment manufacturers.


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